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Close Up on Planet Earth


This workshop is presented in modules and is a detailed look at our own planet; Earth. Split over 6 sessions of 1 hour each, we examine the following phenomena:

Planet Earth The Place we Call Home - A General overview of our home in Space and how it was formed.
Earth Inside Out - A look at the various layers of Earth from the core to the mantle.
Earth's Closest Space Companion - We investigate the Moon and its orbit around Planet Earth
Night and Day - A look at Earth's position in Space and what causes night and day.
Roll with the Tides - An investigation into how the tide is created and how these are affected by the Moon and Earth's position in relation to the Sun
Four Seasons - We explore the seasons, looking at Earth's axial tilt, its orbit around the Sun and why Seasons happen.
Why is the Sky Blue? - An investigation workshop looking at the properties of sunlight.

Suitable for KS2

Prices Start at £60 for each module

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