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Hunt For The Northern Lights


"Hunt for The Northern Lights" is a presentation seeking to investigate the incredible phenomena that is the "Aurora," more commonly known as the both the Northern and Southern Lights.

To see the lights is on the bucket list for many people and in 2019, Jo got the amazing chance to take a trip of a lifetime, hunting for the Northern Lights during the Polar Night Season in the Arctic Circle.

In this talk, Jo will share her experience and explain the mechanism in which the lights appear, illustrate some myths and legends associated with the phenomena and provide useful information as to when and where are the best places to see them.

And for all the prospective Aurora Photographers out there, there is even a  short section providing tips and hacks to getting the best Aurora images yourself, so that they are remembered exactly as you saw them!!

Duration: Approximately 1 Hour

Cost for presentations start at £35

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