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Could we live on Mars? Does life already exist there?
These are 2 very important questions and in this workshop, we investigate the possibilities of both...

With ever increasing technology and knowledge of how the human body can adapt to living in space, it is likely that in the next 50 years, humanity will see a manned mission to the Red Planet, with the eventual hope of colonising it and making it our second home in Space.

In this workshop, we look at just what this would take in terms of how we launch, land and survive the challenges of space exploration at the human level.... Is it even possible and if so.... how?
Participants will experiment with rocket and lander design, testing and re-designing where required and then investigate how best to protect our intrepid explorers once they reach the surface.... the final challenge will be to design a mechanical arm to sift and search for alien life and prove once and for all if Martians exist!
This is a pure STEM based workshop and promotes a variety of Space Industry careers, allowing for teamwork, collaborative working and experimentation. It is useful as a full day activity such as Career Fairs, STEM Festivals and Transition Days.

Suitable only for UKS2 and KS3

Only available as a whole day workshop

Price on application

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