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Online Live Workshops and Presentations

Online Live

Experience Space Detectives Workshops and Presentations online live sessions....
For those times when I am just too far away or you do not have a venue.......

The following are all current Online Live Workshops:

"Space Club Live"
This is a 6 week online live course suitable for KS1/KS2 children who are "serious about space." Run as an after school event each week, starting each term, there are 3 Clubs to choose from, each covering different space topics. These range from Black Holes, theories of gravity to the "Big Bang" and Landing on Mars. All include live delivery, fun activities, super content and experiments. Contact me at for the latest available sessions and how to join.

"In the Night Sky Live"
Learn about the stars in the night sky. Dicover how our ancestors would have looked at them, make some constellations and listen to the myths and legends that surround them.
Suitable for KS1/KS2 Schools and Home Schooled

"Our Place in Space Live"
Take a journey through the Solar System and investigate the planets. Learn about their origins and discover how our ancestors would have viewed them. Highly interactive with experiment demos and participation. This session even has an optional *Augmented Reality section in which the Solar System can be viewed in AR wherever you are......
*Please note AR is only available to customer devices with operating systems as follows: Android 7 and up, iOS 11.0 and up

"Blast Off Live"
Come and investigate the science of a rocket. Look at rockets past, present and future plus learn all about Sir Isaac Newton and his 3rd Law of Motion. Suitable for KS1/KS2 Schools and Home Schooled.

To find out dates and make a booking for the next available online sessions, please check the Social Media Events page by clicking
For schools/groups who wish to book exclusive online live sessions, please contact us via email at

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