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Our Place In Space


In this workshop we look at our own amazing Solar System and how Earth sits in relation to everything around it.

We examine the origins of the Solar System and how celestial bodies are organised in space.  We make a voyage of discovery to each of the planets in turn and learn not only about the mind boggling distances involved in space travel but we also make size comparisons with our nearest neighbours. Activities include simple and yet fun experiments looking at the theories of gravity for KS2/KS3 and modelling the planets to take home for KS1.

Suitable for KS1, KS2 and KS3

Available as Full (2 Hours), Mini (1 Hour) or Event Workshop

Also available with VR (Virtual Reality) experience add-on.

Prices start from £60 but please contact me for prices if booking for an event.


Copyright Pete Richardson 2014           

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