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Robotics in Space


Robotics in Space is a direct Space STEM Workshop and looks at the use of robotics in current day space exploration.

We take a look at how robots are used and developed and the challenges that engineers and scientists face when designing them to withstand a harsh space environment.
Groups are divided into teams and using simple materials design, construct and operate their own Robotic Arm to lift various objects over a certain distance. Whichever team is successful wins a small prize!
With the addition of the latest VR technology, participants are then given the individual opportunity to "dock" the Space X Dragon to the ISS using the CanadaArm 2 as a finale to the session.

Suitable for KS2 and KS3

Available only as a Full (2 hours) or Event Workshop

Prices start at £110 but please contact me for prices if booking for an event.

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