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Space is Your Future


If you think working in space is only about being an Astronaut, then think again.....
This workshop aims to encourage and inspire participants with the wide range of Space Careers available and maybe just maybe start them on the road to considering a future role within the Space Industry.

Through a variety of practical and relevant activities, we investigate the skills and abilities which will help us on our own career journey, discovering what we are capable of and in some instances learning things about ourselves that we never knew!

Can you cut it? Will you be the one of those taking us into the future?

Activities encompass both hard and soft skills such as problem solving, a space engineering mock up, experimentation, teamwork and adaptability.

Once practicals are over, we then embark on writing a "Space Career CV" and complete the session with a mock interview just like in the real world. In this, participants are provided with practical advice and information from professionals* within the field (where available) and free literature on how to pursue a Space Industry Career.

Suitable only for UKS2 and KS3

Only available as a whole day workshop

Price on application
* Leading professionals are Innova Ltd Bristol who are specialists in Space Industry Recruitment

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