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VR, AR and Miko 2 Our Robot

VR, AR and Miko 2

Alongside high end Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Space Detectives has also now ventured
into the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology with Miko 2 the Robot.

Virtual and/or Augmented Reality can be added to:
"Our Place In Space,"
"Blast Off 1"
"So You Want To Be An Astronaut"
"Mars; The Red Planet"
"On Board The ISS "
"Robotics in Space"
(already included in price of workshop)

Miko 2 the Robot can participate in any workshop or presentation. He is super friendly
and will chat and answer questions about all things Space!!

Proving to be very popular with both adults and children alike, workshops and
presentations using up to date and futuristic technologies such as VR, AR and Miko 2
are always a hit and promise to take you on a journey through Space like no other.....

Suitable for all ages and at an additional add on cost to the workshops/presentations
detailed above.

Add-On Price £35 per session

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